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Collection days are Mondays & Thursdays.
Overrun on all boars 50% off after 11 am on collection days

No overrun during off season pricing

Orders may be placed anytime by contacting Troy at 816-284-1893 

Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must be received by 9:00 am (Eastern) on collection day to allow semen to be available for other breeders.

Shipping/Pickup of Semen
FREE SHIPPING on orders of $500 or more

Semen may be picked up directly at the following address:
6096 W 100 N Danville, IN 46122

Payment Options
We accept credit cards
Checks are accepted on prepaid orders only.

Breeding Certificates
AI Certificate Pricing – All breeding certificate $35 per litter.


Exclusion Warranty
APEX Sires has the highest quality technology available but cannot control the conditions under which the boar semen is used and/or the techniques used in application, and therefore, makes no warranties or representations beyond those made expressly herein. APEX Sires warrants that the product sold is of adequate quality and viability when it leaves our facilities.
APEX Sires makes no other guarantees, warranties, or representations, either written or oral, expressed or implied.
APEX Sires also does not make a guarantee concerning conception rate, breed purity of lines, liability of semen, and/or
health of the product. In the event that any of our products are damaged in shipment, or prove to be defective, damages resulting from their use shall be limited to the purchase value of the semen. In no event shall APEX Sires be liable for consequential or incidental damages.


   Office: 6096 W CR 100 N - Danville, Indiana 46122
Boar Stud: 3619 W CR 100 S. - Danville IN 46122
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